Over 1000 Categorized Positive and Negative Belief Charts -
Second Edition 

Available in 2 formats, a Kindle version and as a PDF file.

Introduction to the Belief Book

Instructions and features of the Belief Book


I carry it with me everywhere and use it frequently! Last Sunday my Marriage/Family Counselor BIL was experiencing a headache. I walked him through it and 10 mins later he was headache free. I helped a fellow classmate yesterday (she's going through a nasty divorce). She returned minutes later, fully ready to engage in class again. It's proven to be a vital part to my healing arsenal! I love that it's something I can walk people through on their own to help themselves. Even those who don't believe in "Energy Work" find healing through it. It's an amazing tool! - T. Cook

I seriously LOVE this! Got my copy a few weeks ago and it has been so helpful!    - K. Foster

Thank you for putting this book together Jenny, it is amazing and I use it for almost every session. Sometimes it is eerie how spot on it is. - T. Brooks

Jenny, I received your booklet 2 weeks ago. It's brilliant. I have been using the Body Code and other modalities for 5 years, now when I do a session it consistently takes me to Beliefs. It's taken my healing to the next level, thank you. Everyone who uses muscle testing should own this book! - K.Prell

Two Ways to Purchase Over 1000 Positive and Negative Beliefs book:

1. $9.99 Kindle Version - Clickable Testing Chart that makes it simple and efficient to find the beliefs.  Click here to purchase

 2. $18 PDF File -  Click here to purchase 

This is a very powerful tool that may be used with muscle testing to quickly identify core negative beliefs and the positive beliefs needed to replace them.

The charts are divided into the 7 chakra groups and then into 6-7 smaller subgroups allowing for more detailed information about the particular belief.

 For example, a similar negative belief may be found in both the Root Chakra and the Throat Chakra. However, the Root Chakra governs a person's security and survival beliefs, while the Throat Chakra deals with expression and communication beliefs.  The categories and subcategories give greater insight into the negative and positive beliefs pertaining to the individual.

This powerful tool is available for only $18. Click on the above link to purchase. 

How to use the Belief Testing Chart

I have had many questions about the use of the Belief Testing Chart - it is included with all Second Edition manuals. If you did not receive a Belief Testing Chart in your manual, contact me and I will email you a copy of it. It differs slightly from the chart in the Second Edition. Here are the Instructions for using the chart:

The belief chart corresponds to each chakra, row or subcategory, and the number is how many beliefs are in that row (negative or positive). For example, you would test which chakra the most harmful negative belief is found in. Let's say it is in the 3rd chakra which is the Solar Plexus, then which row or subcategory is it in (1-7)? We get number 6. There are 8 negative beliefs in that row so we test 1-8 until we get the correct negative belief, and let's say it was #4. I write the numbers down as I test, so it would be 3 6 4, - Chakra, Row, Belief. 

I frequently get several beliefs that are associated with each other and so I use the chart to identify them and then look them all up at the same time. This saves a great deal of time because you don't have to flip through pages. 

Testing for positive beliefs is the same, you simply look in the positive belief column instead of the negative one. I use the positive beliefs to place back into the void that was created by the negative beliefs being removed.  

I generally frame the questions around blocks. For example, "What core belief, or beliefs are blocking my progression in my business", "What core belief or beliefs are blocking my progression in my relationship with ___?" Or it could be an emotion that continues to be trapped over and over, so... "What core negative belief or beliefs are keeping me in this harmful cycle?" Please join this FB group if you have any questions.

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