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Since 2009, I have become a student of “wholeness”- meaning that I look at my WHOLE self, not just the symptoms of my physical body. "Whole" includes my mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical state of being.

I am a Nutritional Herbologist through The School of Natural Healing. In 2010, I began studying Holistic Iridology, EFT (or Tapping), and the Emotion/Body Code (Emotion Code certified). In 2013, I began studying homeopathy with the Banerji Protocols. In 2015, Quantum Touch was my next foray into an energy healing modality. I have also studied many other modalities of healing along my way.  I have used them all to help me in my journey. I also study and internalize what the gospel means to me in my life, and how the Atonement of Christ has been the source of ALL of my healing.  I will continue to be healed and changed by the power of His Grace.

As I have studied and begun to transform myself, I find that sharing the truths, tools, and strategies that I learn strengthens me. In 2009, friends, and friends of friends, started coming to my home to sit on my couch and share with me their burdens. I share the things that I think might be helpful to them according to where they are in their journey. I donate this time and energy because I LOVE it. It feeds me, it gives me purpose. I love seeing the small and large triumphs in people’s lives as they go along their path and continue to heal.

My Life's Mission

In Jan. 2015, I had some amazing life-changing revelations after attending the Winter Homeschooling Conference. God showed me what my mission in this life is. I already knew that being a wife and mother is the most important thing I will do here on earth, but on top of that, God wants me to start sharing my healing journey, in a different way than I have been doing thus far. His direction to me has been to be “vulnerable” and that He is pushing me off my comfy safe couch and into the harsh world of cyberspace.

This is both terrifying and exhilarating!

The Terrifying Part

Up until now I have been able to share personal aspects of myself that I have only divulged to those with whom I feel emotionally safe. Now I am charged to be real and honest about who I used to be.  I don’t like remembering dark times. I’m ashamed of that person. Times where I had so much anger, rage, and self-loathing that my whole world was dark and it spilled out into my home and onto my children and my husband. I felt like the whole world was out of control, so I became insanely controlling to try to create a place where I felt safe – but ended up hating myself all the more.  I was so depressed, and lethargic, I would sit in bed for hours, only getting up to use the bathroom or take an occasional shower. My children would bring me food and I would watch Netflix for hours on end – trying to fill the void. It’s embarrassing to admit this here, in the open. I feel naked and vulnerable, I guess exactly where God wants me. Humble. Real. Honest.

So that’s the terrifying part.

The Exhilarating Part

The exhilarating part is seeing what God is going to do through me. You see, I know that I am flawed and weak and scared. But I know that He can make, even me, a useful instrument to bless His children. He has told me that my mission is to give you…yes, YOU (the one sitting here reading this) the courage to heal. I want to tell you, THERE. IS. HOPE. I know, I didn’t believe it either, I tried and failed too many times to count. Then I did something different, and it made all the difference.

So here we are.  I pray that I can help and encourage you. I hope that you can feel the love that I have for you, even though I might not know you. I pray that you will find things that will help you on your healing journey. 

It is now August of 2015 and my life has become even more changed by endeavoring to listen to God's direction.  I never dreamed I would be embarking on starting my own business.

Yet here I am and I know for certain that with God,  ANYTHING is possible. He is my strength.  

My Perfection Healing is a blend of my knowledge and expertise in many different energy modalities.  It is also patterned after teachings from an amazing Christian woman who is my mentor and dear friend, Vicki Wickhorst. God knew exactly what He was doing when He sent me to learn from her and her pure heart. She has forever changed my life for the better and I am in awe and gratitude to God for His hand gently guiding me along a path I do not always see.  

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