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Upcoming classes, and the Energy Healing Conference
April 26, 2016

Upcoming Classes

I have a list of my upcoming classes and I am excited to be teaching in two new areas!

Please remember that the early bird discount lasts until 1 week before the class date. If you are interested in attending, don't delay your registration! Also, if you sign up with a friend for the Beginning class, you each get a $50 discount! Coupon code is "bringafriend".

- Sat. May 7th, in St. George, UT from noon-5pm is my first Beginning class there. I am excited to be holding a class in my hometown!

- Friday May 13th (time TBD) in Alton, UT is another Beginning class. This class is at a slightly discounted rate so the extra travel may be worth it to you!

- Sat, May 14th 9-6pm is the Advanced class in Alton, UT and this is also offered at a discounted rate.

- Tues. May 31st (time TBD) will be my first Beginning class in Southern California! It will most likely be held in San Diego.

- Wed. June 1st 9-6pm will be an Advanced class in Southern California as well. The location will most likely be the same place as the Beginning class the previous day.

If you are interested in hosting a class (providing the location and some healthy snacks for the class participants), I do offer discounts on the class tuition.

You can click the link to find more information about the classes from my website. Class schedule

I also offer online classes to those that are not able to attend the live Beginning Class. If you are interested in scheduling an online class, simply contact me at

Facebook Page for My Perfection Healing

I will generally send out emails once a month to give updates, but if you would like to stay up to date on a more frequent basis, you can like my Facebook Page where I post frequent uplifting memes and other information. Facebook page for My Perfection Healing

Ogden Christ-centered Energy Healing Conference

On June 15th-17th the largest Christ-centered Energy Healing conference is being held in Ogden, UT. I have been asked to be a presenter and I will have a vendor table as well where discounted mini sessions will be offered and the 1000 Categorized Beliefs book will be sold.

My presentation topic will be about the unknown aspects of trauma that affect us physiologically and how to "finish" them. These issues are namely, body sensations and movements.

At this time, I am offering two free tickets for this event good for June 16-17th (each ticket is a $50 value). If you are interested in entering you can click through to the Facebook page mentioned above and find the corresponding post. I will be choosing the two winners in 6 days. Good luck!

You can find out more information about the conference itself at Energy Healing Conference

Thank you so much for your support of My Perfection Healing! Much love, Jenny, The Crazy Herb Girl
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