My Perfection Healing Session Fees with Jenny

* I have recently enrolled to become a certified homeopath and my time is very limited. I still take individual sessions on a case by case basis, payment must be received after the appointment is scheduled, and before it takes place. I generally schedule in the evenings or on Saturdays due to the needs of my family during the daytime. Thank you for understanding :-) 

I am passionate about helping others to make belief breakthroughs. We are often affected by core traumatic events that limit our ability to exercise our true greatness.  Finding negative or limiting beliefs  and then processing through any residual trauma associated with them is incredibly empowering and life changing. My goal is to empower you to begin to recognize these beliefs within yourself, teach you the tools to remove and how to replace them with powerful positive beliefs on your own so that you can become free to be who you are meant to be.

You may schedule a free 15 min consultation with me to find what would work best for you. Please fill out the session request form and I will be contacting you. 

Online Mentoring - $60 per hour - Video or phone mentoring and intuitive work included.

In Person Session - $60 an hour - Mentoring and intuitive work included.

5 Session Discount - Book 5 sessions and receive a $50 discount! 

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