Informational Videos for My Perfection Healing

A short explanation of what My Perfection Healing is all about.

A short explanation on why it is called My Perfection Healing

A short explanation of what and how the Perfection Symbol is used. It is also the logo of My Perfection Healing.

Faith is real, it can heal us. Faith in our Savior can heal us as wholly as the people that were healed in the New Testament. We are NOT victims to our genes; God can create miracles!

The four steps to healing in any realm (mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional). The steps are: Nourish, Strengthen, Cleanse, Heal. 

A short video about the 3 different energies that are drawn up to help ourselves and others: earth, heaven, and life force energy.

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Energy follows thought! What are you thinking and where are you sending your energy?

My Perfection Healing teaches the very basics about how to manipulate and offer energy. Knowing how to manipulate different frequencies helps to understand all other energy healing modalities, no matter how different!

Watching this video is a life changer! Realizing that our beliefs and perceptions actually control our genes and not our DNA...WHAAAT? Yes, click on the link to watch the video that will change all your beliefs about science, DNA, and your genes. I have it posted on my Beginning Class page because the first 32 minutes are required watching before my class.

I discuss overcoming the false belief that we cannot draw up high vibration energy to help others if we don't feel spiritually or emotionally in the best place to help others.

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