What are People Saying About My Perfection Healing?

I had never tried any sort of alternative healing before and was very skeptical, but was in a lot of pain from my pregnancy and thought I would give it a try. I am sure glad I did. Not only did it help relieve my pain by about 90% but it was an amazing experience where I was able to heal emotionally as well as physically. Truly amazing!

Wendy M., CO

I have been around alternative and natural healing methods, including energy work, for most of my life. I was introduced to My Perfection Healing by Jenny only fairly recently. There are many things I love about this inspired work, including what I thought at first would be awkward for me: the benefit of healing touch. As Jenny worked on me we were able to compliment each others gifts and strengths to pinpoint what needed to be done in my body. Client actively working with the healer is something I've never experienced with any other modality, making it quite unique and very healing and powerful. I also love how the symbol that was given to Jenny to signify Perfection can be applied anywhere, in any other modalities you may use, to increase their effectiveness and depth. This is a work with guidelines as well as intuitiveness, but in one class we were able to grasp the concepts well enough that as we worked on partners, we each felt successful at it. It is simple but very effective. I can't wait to see what can be achieved by using more of this modality.

Mary S., CO

My Perfection Healing has been a beautiful surprise in my life. My daughter and I have spent hours with Jenny Rosengren as she has shared her journey, her discoveries, and her training with us. We feel that this energy healing is real. It is making a difference in our lives. Combining this energy healing with homeopathy, EFT, the Empty Chair method, and many other techniques used by Jenny, we have found new hope and enthusiasm. Also, our bodies and minds are literally being moved in miraculous ways, just as mountains are moved in the scriptures.  

Amber B. CO

I have always felt a disconnect between my heart and my mind.  I would have a thought that something was right,  then I would feel it was right in my heart but the two were never able to fully connect in unity; almost,  as if there was a dark blocked path between my heart and my head.  I had come to accept that as part of my life.  The past two years I had started to struggle with serious memory problems that frightened me.  I went to Jenny in hopes of being able to help clear the darkness/fog I felt my mind was encompassed in.  In our consultation I simply told her about my memory problems.  Within minutes of beginning her work she was talking about a darkness in my mind and how it severed the connection from my heart.  I was stunned for that's what I had always felt but had never said out loud.  She work on me for a while and I left feeling lighter and encouraged.  The following evening I was amazed at the difference in my memory.  I went to one of my favorite places where I am able to hear, learn and experience new things.  I was able to leave that beloved place and remember the feelings, thoughts and impressions I had while I was there.  I was able to recall something without writing it down first;  I hadn't be able to do that in two years. Thank you Jenny, for sharing your gift of healing with me!


My Perfection Healing has helped me SO much!! I am so grateful I found Jenny.  I have felt so much better every single time she has helped me. Not just physically but spiritually too. She is such an awesome instrument in the Lord's hands. The thing I love about My Perfection Healing is every time I get it done, I have a sign from Heavenly Father in regards to what she has told me. It has made a huge impact in my life. I am so grateful for Jenny and for Heavenly Father for guiding me to Jenny.

Brooke B., UT

I was having some emotional and heart problems and Jenny had offered to work on me.  I was extremely impressed as within an hour I could physically feel my body start to simmer down.  I was very grateful for her help and concern on my behalf.  I would certainly recommend Jenny to anyone regardless of what the problem is.  Our bodies after all are energy, so it would only make sense to allow energy to help alleviate life's challenges.

Mickey B., NE

Jenny Rosengren has had a profound impact on my life!  As a friend and as a mentor/teacher. She is honest, open, and truly and deeply cares about the health, healing and the complete well-being of others. She is one of the most intuitive and inspired people that I know.  Like all of us she is not perfect yet, but she has an image in her mind of what that looks like and seeks to help others have that image in their mind as well so they can picture what they are truly striving for…how can you become what you cannot see in your mind?  

Jenny can help others to create that image so that they can start working towards it in healthy, incremental ways. Truly perfection or becoming like our Savior is THE journey of a lifetime!  But if we want to become who we are meant to become we all must make that journey. 

Aimee Benefield - Owner of Warrior Events and Author/Teacher of “Warrior of Light Training"

Thank you so much for the energy work you have done for me! It has really helped. I was able to start feeling and healing again because of your help. I'm grateful for the peace I have found and for the help with grounding and shielding. Thank you for sharing your gift of healing with me! Love you! 

Sarah M., CO

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